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This Full Moon shows which are your fears, your inner demons, your mechanisms of self-deceit. That which must die gives you a false sense of security and certainty. Now you have grown enough to shed your skin and let go that which has already served its purpose.

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The New Moon, the total darkness of the night, represents all the potential of the planted seed. This is the moment to initiate new intentions and new plans. Slowly but surely it will grow. That moment of crisis in your relationships helped to balance the relationship you have with yourself.

Everything you begin now will reveal its results in the next Full Moon in Aries, on October 15, The Aries-Libra polarity promotes to have healthy relationships with others without losing your own identity nor your independence.

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Use your instinct to trace new forms of projecting yourself to others: a new image or look, something new in your life to explore, or a new potential to develop. Be careful not to be impulsive nor egocentric. Now is the time to set strong footings for yourself so you can create strong ties with others. It will be visible in most parts of Asia, Australia and the Americas.

Lunar eclipses calls you to face a need of manifesting new ways to move towards your future. This is presented as stress, crisis, and change in some aspect of your life. Depending on where the eclipse falls in your chart is what needs to be resolved.


It will be visible in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Ocean. By definition, a solar eclipse occurs when the moon is aligned between the Sun and the Earth creating a shadow on the planet. Because it happens on the South Node, this eclipse asks you to look and work on something about your past or your unconscious that you are not aware of and that now becomes an obstacle to progress and grow. This is presented as a crisis or chaos in some aspect of your life that needs to be put in order. During the month of March, use your leadership to create the reality you desire.

Take this moment to direct them towards success. This is an arcana of beginnings.

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Whether in love, studies, work, health or finance, the changes you experience now will open a door to something new. If you have postponed this change, this month will force you to do it. Not only there is a New Moon in Pisces on March 8, but also two eclipses: a solar eclipse in Pisces on March 9 and a lunar eclipse in Libra on March Eclipses precipitate you to face a crisis in your life and make way for that change you want so much but fear as well.

The arcana of The Magician shows you those innate gifts and abilities you have to face any situation and succeed. If something does not exist, you can create it like magic. Creativity and ideas are in the air. This is the moment to materialize them and shine.

Take the initiative in whatever it is you want. The Magician favors commerce, negotiations, communications, travels, and curiosity during the whole month of March.

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The 2nd is an especially powerful day to put plans into action. This month let your accessories do the same and stack a batch of knock-out bangles. Your more the merrier attitude will help you hit a major work milestone on the 9th. AQUARIUS: There has been a lot of excitement and changes in your life recently, and now is the time to get yourself a pair of comfy, stylish sneakers and take long walks to reflect. GEMINI: You tend to be quite social, but this month you are loving the simpler things, like an easy eyelet top to wear on these last beach days.


A work breakthrough around the full moon on the 6th means you should feel free to mix business with pleasure. You are envisioning your next exciting projects and fresh ideas and inspiration will help you, especially around the 12th. Get yourself an eye-catching tote and set off on a new journey.