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Marissa Malik, an astrologist and horoscope writer for gal-dem, puts the resurgent interest in astrology down to widespread anger and frustration with job insecurity, the housing crisis and an ecological system on the brink of collapse.

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Thinking of the world as just being governed by the criminals it is now is pretty grim. It was a really tedious process, but with technology, you put the data in and out comes the chart.

Malik said these messages gave people the space to be mindful of how they felt and how their actions affected others. While many will despair at the rise of a pseudoscience, some scientists can see an upside.

Sharon Knight in talks with Enid Williams

Over the last year, apps such as Co-Star and Sanctuary have attracted millions in venture capital funding. But professional astrologers are wary of the information being put out, and warn of the potential loss of intimacy and storytelling that has long been part of their craft.

Caves said he turned down the opportunity to write and help develop astrology apps because astrology has always been about people. Bridget, like many of the new wave of adherents, is purposefully vague when asked if she actually believes in astrology. I really enjoy writing sun sign astrology and trying to help people understand, that ultimately they are responsible for their own lives.

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I have lectured at the Astrological Lodge in London, given talks to various astrological groups in the South East, spoken to business and networking groups on the use of astrology in business and as a life coaching tool. As well as working as an Astrologer, I used to work in the property and construction business becoming Deputy Director of a very large Scandinavian property group.

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I have worked in the Diplomatic field and lived and worked in the Middle East and America. I have helped set up and run various businesses with varying degrees of success, so I have a good understanding of the business world and how it works, or not! In addition to working as an astrologer, I am also a qualified, non-medical herbalist and have successfully combined these two disciplines to help couples that were having difficulty conceiving.

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You can contact me by email astrologersharon aol. With regard to my charges, these vary according to what is required.

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My charge for Business and Electional astrology is more expensive and varies according to the time involved in looking through possibly a hundred charts to find a moment that is right. Sharon Knight Astrologer of the Year - Copyright I am based in Sussex.